For the efficient performance of a lightning protection system it is essential that a low impedance ground be provided to facilitate the dissipation of the lightning energy into the earth mass.  Because soil conditions and seasonal patterns vary from site to site, the methods of grounding need to be considered on an individual basis.
Ground Rod
Hight resistance to corrosion, stable performance, long service life.
Drive rod to the ground easily. The outer sheath will not slip or 
tear when driven nor will it crack if the rod is bent 30°.
Copper layer with more than 99.9%copper content, the
minimum coating thickness more than>0.01" (0.254mm).
UL,ANSI listed.
Gound Rod.pdf (159KB)
Model No. Diameter Length Remarks
inch mm inch m
613400 3/4" 19 10' 3.05 Threadless
633450 3/4" 19 5' 1.52 Threaded
635840 5/8" 16 4' 1.2 Threaded


ERITECH Chemical Ground Rod Electrode System
Contains natural electrolytic salts, which permeate into the surrounding
soil to condition the soil and increase its conductivity.
Provide a low impedance ground in locations of high soil resistivity.
Maintain soil conductivity throughout years.
UL467 and CSA C22.2 No. 4 listed.
Not being affected by weather.