Rayvoss Transient Voltage Surge Suppression Systems
RayvossTM TVSS protects sensitive electronic equipment from overvoltages originated
from lightning, from utility power irregularities and power surges in general.

 - It offers safe performance under all conditions.
 - Its proven current handling capability is 200kA
   (8/20 μ sec).
 - It requires no internal fusing for operation.
 - It offers completely maintenance-free
   operation for more than 20 years without
   performance deterioration.
 - It conforms to UL 1449 2nd edition.
 - It can be used in indoor or outdoor installations.
 - It is suitable for operation in different electrical

Rayvoss TVSS Systems.pdf (775KB)

The Strikesorb surge suppression module is incorporated in a RayvossTM TVSS.  It is the only surge protection device in the industry rated for safe operation without the use of additional internal fuses.  It incorporates state of the art developments in metal oxide technology providing superior protective characteristics, which can withstand repeated surges providing a cost-effective and maintenance free operation.